Download Portable grepWin 2.0.2

Search and replace text in multiple documents, in one single session, with the help of this lightweight and easy to use piece of software

Portable grepWin is a handy program, designed specifically in order to help individuals find and replace text in several files, at the same time.

This is the portable counterpart of grepWin, meaning that you can bypass the installation process. As a result, you can copy the program files to any location on the hard disk, in order to run the executable from there.

Aside from that, it is possible to use this software utility on any computer you have access to, by dropping the last mentioned files to a USB flash drive.

You should know that Portable grepWin is not going to update the Windows registry and Start menu/screen with new entries.

This tool can use regular expressions (regex) and keywords in order to locate items. There is a large number of options you can choose in order to filter searches. For example, you can enable the case-sensitive mode, treat files as UTF8, configure a size limit and exclude particular directories.

Results are going to be displayed as a list, with information such as name, size, matches, path, encoding and date modified.

It is possible to test the regex in another window, by simply pasting a small text and the string that interests you. Moreover, these expressions can be saved to the program, along with name and replace string, so that you can use it at a later date.

Your search can include subfolders, hidden, binary and system files, and you can also start an editor at a user-input command line.

The Help contents contain examples of regular expressions, response time is good and there were no errors, bugs or crashes registered during our tests. In conclusion, Portable grepWin is an efficient utility when searching and replacing text in multiple documents at a time.

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