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Useful Firefox extension that will help you improve your writing by detecting mistakes and providing grammar information and spellchecks

Rush, the need to finish a task quicker or simply lack of attention, are just some of the common reasons that cause typos and grammar errors when composing e-mails, filling in forms or just posting blog comment. Running the content beforehand through a dedicated text editor for spellchecking and vocabulary tweaks is one way to fix such issues. A more efficient and also comfortable one is Linguix for Firefox.

Improve your spelling and grammar with this nifty add-on’s features

Right after deployment, the add-on will be ready to go and if one doesn’t wish to personalize it to meet certain, personal requirements, than things are set. Toggling the add-on’s panel will bring up options for personalizing the user interaction.

By indicating the main areas of interest and the supposed English language level, the users will enable the add-on will make a better and more efficient assessment of the written content and subsequent, resulting mistakes.

Be notified of writing mistakes as you type and construct your own dictionary of special terms

As soon as one starts writing, regardless if it’s a web form, email or an embedded text editor, the app will start detecting mistakes and it will underline them with red, for easy highlighting. Words who aren’t wrong but are just special terms, can be added to a personal dictionary, for future references.

It is worth mentioning thought that, during our tests, we have experienced a few seconds lag, after writing and until the app did the identification. This is most likely dependent on the cross referencing process or other working processes.

Useful Firefox add-on that will make things far easier for those who find themselves frequently making writing mistakes

Those who are looking for a browser, built-in add-on for spellchecking and grammar verification, might find a good companion in Linguix for Firefox. Its intuitive features and automatic error detection will help users improve their writing and save them from a lot of the trouble of manually checking their texts.

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