FET drivers combine high speed and high voltage

Two 100-V half-bridge NMOS FET drivers from Renesas feature 3-A source and 4-A sink gate drivers with 15-ns typical propagation delay and 2-ns typical delay matching. The HIP2211 and HIP2210 work reliably under difficult operating conditions, with the high-speed, high-voltage HS pin tolerating up to -10V continuously and slewing as quickly as 50 V/ns.

Renesas PR image of black HIP221 FET driver chip

The HIP2211 is a pin-compatible upgrade to the Renesas ISL2111 bridge driver, while the HIP2210 offers a tri-level PWM input to simplify power supply and motor drive designs. These devices are well-suited for 48-V telecom power supplies, Class-D audio amplifiers, solar inverters, and UPS inverters. They are also rugged enough to power demanding 48-V motor drives found in Li-ion battery-powered household and outdoor products, water pumps, and cooling fans.

Both devices have a wide operating voltage range of 6 to 18V and an integrated 0.5-Ω bootstrap diode that eliminates the need for external discrete diodes. Undervoltage protection works in combination with the HIP2210’s programmable anti-shoot-through protection to ensure the driven MOSFETs are not damaged due to power supply or other external fault conditions.

The HIP2211 and HIP2210 drivers are available now and cost $1.30 each in lots of 1000 units. HIP2210 devices come in 10-lead, 4×4-mm TDFN packages. The HIP2211 is offered in 8-lead SOIC; 8-lead, 4×4-mm DFN, and 10-lead, 4×4-mm TDFN packages.

HIP2211 product page

HIP2210 product page

Renesas Electronics, www.renesas.com

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