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Use a complex decoding program for post production facilities and digital cinema production, that allows to playback DCPs without specific cinema equipment, on any PC

easyDCP Player+ is a multi-option tool made for handling DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) from any computer. Plus, the program allows the playback of encrypted and stereoscopic DPCs and non-encrypted IMF.

About Digital Cinema Packages and their importance

DCPs or Digital Cinema Packages are digital versions of a film print. Their purpose is to deliver, in an extensive package, more synchronized resources (video/film, sound, and subtitles); ultimately, these large files can be played in a cinema. That is why it is so rare to find tools that are capable of playing the contents of a Digital Cinema Package.

The decoded, final product that derives from a Digital Cinema package is a file that has between 750 GB and 1TB. This file should later be uploaded into a DCP server; this further allows playing the movie anywhere in the world, in any D-cinema theater. The reason why Digital Cinema Packages are so important is that large studios use this format for delivering their content.

More about easyDCP Player+ and IMF packages

easyDCP Player+ is a multifaceted program that allows playing these ultra-large files on your regular, basic PC. Moreover, the tool will be able to handle non-encrypted IMF packages as well. The IMF packages are the equivalent of DCP, but for the business industry. An IMF package should consist of other files such as CPL (Composition Playlist) — an XML file that contains other components as well — and an MFX container that includes the video, audio, subtitles, and metadata.

These IMF packages allow creating hundreds of variants from a master file for different commercials, documentaries, presentation videos, etc. For example, Netflix uses an IMF-based model that allows changing the title of a piece and its subtitles, depending on the country where the content is distributed.

Considering the ones presented above, easyDCP Player+ is a program made specifically for professionals and people who work in the cinema industry. The tool can handle DCPs playlists, allows subtitle inspections, enables advanced decoding techniques. Plus, it has CPL, XML, and MXF editors, and options for importing and exporting individual components from large packages.

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