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Keep in touch with your clients and create a flawless customer support tactics in order to increase the profitability of your business

What’s new in HelpDesk 9.27.7592:

  • Support for secondary email addresses for users
  • Automation rule action: “Auto-assign to the least busy technician”
  • New automation condition: “Technician is looking at the ticket”
  • New automation action: “mark ticket upd FOR tech”

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Aside from product quality, proper customer service is one of the main factors that can increase the fidelity of your customers, bringing them back to you for a second purchase. If you are aware of the impact post-selling behavior has on business profitability, then an application such as HelpDesk will surely look appealing to you.

HelpDesk is a web-based customer service platform that allows you to get feedback from your customers, respond to their questions and provide technical assistance. The application is designed for server use and is compatible with all popular web browsers.

Relying on the capabilities of SQL Server and ASP.NET, HelpDesk stores its data in a SQL database, implementing an easy to handle ticketing system that allow your clients to contact your company, ask questions and send feedback information.

Tickets can be organized in different categories and assigned priorities to make sure that urgent matters are handled first. Their availability can be easily controlled, in order to make them visible only to certain company departments or employees and documents or relevant snapshots can be attached prior to sending.

HelpDesk features seamless e-mail integration that converts each received message into a ticket and forwards it to the web-based platform for further processing, also sending a notification to each registered user from the ‘Customer Support’ department.

The ‘Knowledge Base’ can include articles and forum discussions to inform users about important matters, while the ‘Assets’ section manages inventory items. HelpDesk can generate comprehensive reports with intelligible graphs and relevant statistical data.

While implementing the HelpDesk system might require advanced knowledge, the web-based interface is intuitive enough to be used by all company members, regardless of their experience. Its capabilities built up the basis of your customer support strategy, while the response speed of your technicians completes it.

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