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A simple lightweight application that provides basic audio editing functions like trimming, splitting and concatenating (merging)

If you are looking for an audio editing application but your workload is not that great or complex, you might want to get your hands on a simple and straightforward tool, instead of an overcomplicated one. Audio Split & Trim should be the way to go if you need only to trim and join some audio files in a short time window.

Look for the scissors icons

The UI is neatly packed so there won’t be any amount of menus or an abundance of buttons. The toolbar is what you should focus on, especially the flags and scissors parts. The flag icons (Add/Remove Segment) are mandatory to employ, as they are the only way of selecting or deselecting the segments you want to alter.

The scissors, on the other hand, are what define the actions, as they are a shortcut for the trim, split and merge actions.

Missing functions

After a quick look at the interface, you get the idea that you can drag and drop your files in, however, the function is not really supported, so you have to manually load your items from the toolbar.

Also, after a file was selected for processing, there is o way to check which file is in, as there is no dedicated space for that, so you might not even know if you have a loaded file until you press the play button.

Trim, split and concatenate

Trimming or splitting files share identical actions. First, use the ad segment flag to isolate the part you want to trim off and save the newly created files as MP3, WMA or WAV. Furthermore, you can also choose the sample rate and channels for your files, but make sure you choose those options (from Output Settings) before you process a file.

To concatenate, or join files, sue the Concat function, select your items and choose the output format. This action does not require segment selection, so it is basically the simplest one.


Audio Split & Trim is a quick and simple audio editor, but it still requires some work in order to touch peak shape. Its problems are related to missing functions (drag and drop and file information) as well as some freezes and crashes when loading files in was spammed. Overall, for swift trimming or joining, you may safely employ the app.

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