Download EasyDraw 2021.6.24

Software solution that allows you to create images and draw on blank canvases using multiple instruments and adding all sort of elements to images

Drawing applications as very popular on the Internet, mostly because users are constantly looking for alternatives to the programs they’re already using.

One application that you could check out is EasyDraw. It’s a neat program that helps you create images and draw with lots of nice instruments and tools.

Simple and fluent graphical interface

The application installs quickly and it sports a really simple and clean graphical interface, with icons on all sides of the window. It even comes with some settings that you can apply on the application overall, you can adjust the style and the date format.

The program is available in multiple languages, including English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and many more. It would have been nice if it allowed you to arrange icons on the interface and remove the ones that you don’t use frequently.

Draw on canvases easily

You can use your mouse in order to draw on a blank canvas and it allows you to adjust the line thickness. You can also pick the color of the pencil and draw geometrical figures and lines easily.

It has special instruments for drawing triangles, squares, circles, ellipses, hearts, polygons, rectangles and curves. It also allows you to add text to your images, you can pick from multiple font styles and sizes. You can associate dynamic text to a certain file and create shortcuts for selecting colors easier.

Play images in a slideshow

It comes with the option to browse your computer and load whichever image you want. You can resize images, convert them to other formats and create an animated image.

It supports multiple image file types, like bmp, jpg, gif and png. You can play images in a slideshow and adjust the time interval between sequences. You can adjust the image width, length and background.

When you’re done, save images on your computer or print them easily. All in all, EasyDraw is a very useful application for drawing on images or blank canvases, create slideshows with images and make all sort of adjustments.

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