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Complete privacy solution that can help you manage account credentials, learn if your accounts are at risk, generate masked email addresses for new accounts, hide your location, block trackers and more

The general public is finally starting to pay attention to their online privacy, and things can get quite scary once you learn how your data is managed and who can access it. There are many ways to safeguard your privacy while browsing the web, and we will be discussing a lot of them here, as quite a few are included in this product.

FigLeaf was designed as an attempt to provide users with a complete solution for keeping their browsing habits, personal information and account credentials private when accessing the Internet. It consists of a desktop app and one or more browser extensions which work together to keep your data secure.

Learn if your accounts have been compromised in a data breach

Security breaches are inevitable, but companies often do a poor job of informing their users when they happen. If your accounts have been compromised, it is vital to change your passwords as soon as possible.

FigLeaf can check if your email address is part of any known security breach, and it provides details about them as well. It can then help you change your password to limit the extent of the damage.

Store account credentials and log in automatically

If you’ve used a password manager before, this part will be pretty familiar. FigLeaf isn’t too different from other similar solutions on the market, though it does come with a very interesting new feature that we will discuss later.

The app, together with the browser extension, can help you generate secure passwords for your accounts and then type them automatically whenever you visit a login page. The process is very intuitive, and you can choose which account will be used if more than one is registered on a website.

However, while we can appreciate the fact that the process is very streamlined, it does not seem to be possible to customize the password generation algorithm, which many users will see as a downside.

Generate masked email addresses for new accounts

This is an exciting feature that aims to prevent even that all-too-necessary piece of information from becoming public – your email address. In order to keep your address private, FigLeaf can generate a new, unique email for each new account you create, thus making it impossible for your personal email to be a part of data breaches.

All messages sent to the masked account will be redirected to your personal address, which is particularly helpful if a website requires confirmation before an account is activated.

Built-in VPN for private browsing

If you browse the web without a VPN, your navigation history can be accessed by your ISP or even third parties, which we would all like to avoid. To combat this, the FigLeaf Chrome extension comes with a built-in VPN client that will encrypt all traffic and prevent your real location from being broadcasted.

However, there is no information offered regarding the location and number of available servers, so your download and upload speed may take a considerable hit. Also, it is not certain whether or not traffic logs are saved by the VPN provider, an important factor when looking for a VPN service.

Block trackers to keep advertisers from learning personal info

Trackers are everywhere on the web, and they are designed to collect information that is useful for advertising and other purposes. It is no surprise that many users prefer to block them, as it is difficult to tell exactly where your information will end up.

While there are many browser extensions designed for this purpose, it is certainly nice to have this feature integrated into FigLeaf, as you can limit the number of add-ons you need to browse the web securely.

Plans for cross-platform availability

At the moment, the application is only available for Windows PCs and only a Chrome extension has been released. Naturally, this is not ideal, as users will want to have access to their data no matter what OS or browser they are using.

FigLeaf will eventually become available on macOS, Android and iOS, and extensions should be released for Firefox and Edge in the near future.

A few things to consider when using this Beta version

Before you go ahead and replace your existing password manager and privacy tools, it is worth keeping in mind that FigLeaf is still in the Beta testing phase, so it is expected to run into a few issues for the time being.

Also, no information has yet been released about the pricing model that will be introduced when the product is out the Beta phase. While it is understandable that the developers would choose to focus on improving the app and extensions at this time, switching to a new password manager can be quite arduous, and users might be hesitant to do so until they know how the service will be priced.

FigLeaf looks very promising, and there will certainly be a demand for products that integrate multiple security and privacy tools in the future. It even comes with some interesting innovations, such as email masking, and it is a good choice for users who prefer a streamlined solution for managing accounts and protecting their privacy.

We definitely recommend trying it out if what we’ve covered here has piqued your interest, but it may not be a good idea to rely on it fully just yet, as it is not quite feature-complete and is not yet available on multiple platforms.

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