Side-view LED fits head-mounted displays

Rohm’s CSL1501RW miniature side-emitting infrared LED serves as a light source for tracking eye movements in virtual-reality, mixed-reality, and augmented-reality applications. Housed in a surface-mount 1006 (0402) package with dimensions of just 1.0×0.55 mm (t=0.5 mm), the CSL1501RW delivers a peak wavelength of 860 nm.

Part of Rohm’s PicoLED series of ultra-compact LED chips, the CSL1501RW is well-suited for head-mounted displays, gaming consoles, and industrial field headsets. The infrared emitter has a radiant intensity of 2.5 mW/sr. Forward current is 30 mA, and forward voltage is 1.5V. The part dissipates 100 mW and operates over a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Samples of the CSL1501RW infrared LED are available now, and volume production is expected in March 2021.

CSL1501RW product page 

Rohm Semiconductor

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