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This application helps you create and edit professional vector and raster icons from pre-defined icon sets or your own, personal images

Be it that you’re a developer working on a new app, in search of a nice, custom-fitting icon, or just an avid user, which enjoys adjusting even the icons to a particular look, having a capable icon editor can make a huge difference. EximiousSoft Vector Icon will provide users with a comprehensive collection of tools that are aimed at helping them create the desired icons for their specific requirements.

Graphical-editor style interface that makes good use of its structured layout and available features

Right from the start, regardless if you’re accustomed to a graphics editor-style interface or not, the available intuitive layout comes to one’s attention. The ribbon-type menu holds access to all of the main tool categories, and their subsequent features, making access quick and efficient.

Furthermore, the panels that encompass the main working area can be toggled, docked, or fixed accordingly, and in a similar fashion to what might be found in far more complex and expensive graphics suites, features such as the color palette at the bottom or lower tabs for the panels make for a really solid feeling package.

Make use of the extensive symbols and shapes library to create truly customized icon designs

When going past the plethora of dedicated tools and features that one can rely on for designing from scratch a new icon, the application comes to users’ aid with a built-in collection of symbols and shapes, making any design process much easier this way.

In order to make for an even easier process, these and others are categorized using concrete themes or topics, for instance, blurs, bumps, materials or more, are just some of the available filer categories.

Solid icon editor package that is abundant in features and less cumbersome than extensive graphics suites

A complete image editor that targets those who seek a versatile tool for creating, editing, and managing icons, or vector images, illustrations, and much, much more. Thanks to a collection of features that are well-enough structured to induce clutter, EximiousSoft Vector Icon provides joy and efficiency in use.

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