Inpixon Introduces Next-Generation RTLS Board for System Integrators and OEMs

Inpixon, an Indoor Intelligence company, announced its next-generation chirp RTLS anchor board, delivering significantly reduced size, newly integrated antennas, and more robust operating temperature tolerances than the previous generation. Designed to be advanced yet affordable, Inpixon’s latest product is intended to accelerate the adoption of large-scale, real-time location systems (RTLS) in mass-market applications.

The Inpixon nanoANQ Chirp PCB is a printed circuit board assembly designed for OEMs, integrators, and systems developers who seek to add location awareness to their existing products or to introduce new RTLS-enabled solutions. Location awareness is critical to enable a wide range of workplace transformation, productivity, and safety use cases.

RTLS can trigger actions in energy, lighting, and ventilation systems, assist in desk booking and employee engagement apps, sound alarms if entering dangerous areas, facilitate evacuation and first responder communications, enable smart farming, reduce theft, support augmented reality deliverables, and more.

Location awareness unlocks the full potential of IoT opportunities and enables powerful digital transformation (DX) of indoor spaces. Inpixon believes this newest RTLS anchor board is a great fit for OEMs and integrators who want to pursue the fast-growing RTLS market with affordable location-aware solutions.

Inpixon chirp technology operates in the 2.45 GHz ISM band and is robust against narrow- and broadband RF disturbances as well as multipath fading. Reliable communications even over longer distances and with lower tag RF power output levels can result in less anchors required per installation and longer tag battery life.

The Inpixon nanoANQ Chirp PCB includes all required RTLS anchor components, ensuring low design effort and quick time-to-market for integrators. Solution providers can simply add their choice of housing, and they have a finished RTLS anchor without needing to write firmware or to deal with RF design or low-level chip drivers. The RTLS Evaluation Kit which includes nanoANQ boards, nanoLES RTLS location engine, RTLS Tools software, and OTA Configurator is also available to speed development and testing.

Adam Benson, CTO of Inpixon, commented, “I’m proud of our innovative in-house design and engineering teams which successfully enhanced the product while maintaining a favorable build cost to maximize affordability. It’s a good example of the talent that enabled us to win the┬áIoT Sensor Company of the Year 2021 award.”

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