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Explore the contents of XLIFF and other similar files, with this easy-to-use viewer that features a tabbed UI and offers extensive filtering options

The XLIFF file format is widely used in modern CAT environments, so an application that lets you examine these files from an intuitive UI can definitely come in handy.

Enter disfr, an open-source program that lets you open and examine XLIFF files, as well as other files based on the XLIFF standard. It allows you to work with multiple documents at once, and it offers lots of filtering tools.

Simple-to-use XLIFF viewer that supports a wide range of formats

First-time users will be pleased to see that the application is very simple to set up, and it features an intuitive UI layout that novices should have no problems with.

Aside from XLIFF and XLF files, the program is also capable of handling many other formats based on the same standard, including XLZ, WSXZ, SDLXLIFF, MQXLZ and MQXLIFF. What’s more, several formats that are not based on XLIFF are also supported.

User-friendly application that makes it easy to find what you need

A particularly noteworthy feature is the ability to open multiple files and view their contents in separate tabs. If you need to work with data from several sources, you can switch between them with a single mouse click.

Filters can be set up easily, and you can quickly sort the entries based on various parameters by just clicking the column headers. Speaking of the columns, you can also specify which of them should be displayed depending on what you are interested in.

Dependable utility for users who wish to view XLIFF and similar files

While it does not allow you to edit the contents of files, disfr is a great choice if you only need to inspect them, compare entries and find something specific. It is very easy to set up and use, featuring a modern, minimalistic UI, and it supports numerous file formats based on the XLIFF standard.

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