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Lightweight software application which enables you to create and edit a pointer stick, in order to highlight the position of the mouse

What’s new in PointerStick 5.05:

  • Update of the language files and some corrections
  • New languages for the Big-Mouse-Pointer-Stick: Norwegian
  • Many thanks to Norsk-Superman for the Norwegian language.

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Presentation rooms tend to be large, and there’s a high chance the screen is too small for everyone to perfectly understand all details. PointerStick is a useful utility that was designed specifically in order to help individuals grab the audience’s attention by displaying a pointer alongside the mouse cursor.

Can quietly sit in the tray area during runtime

The software tool does not require installation. This means you can easily copy the program files to any location on the HDD and even to a portable storage unit such as a USB flash drive, therefore enabling you to run PointerStick on any PC you have access to, just by clicking the executable.

It is also worth mentioning that the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to be affected by the app in any way.

The interface is simple and intuitive, allowing both advanced and power users to work with it, without encountering difficulties. Moreover, it is unobtrusive, as the program can be sent to the system tray.

Customize the size, color, and transparency of the pointer

The pointer sticker is very customizable, from many points of view, including size, transparency (expressed in percentages) and color.

From the main window you can also open the utility at system startup, send it to the tray and choose whether or not to display the highlighter stick from the beginning.

There are multiple methods in which you can show or hide the pointer, so as to enhance ease of use, including mouse triple click, mouse right click on the system tray and two hotkeys, namely “Ctrl+Alt+Y” and “Ctrl+Alt+Z”.

On an ending note

To sum up, PointerStick is an efficient piece of software which helps you easily draw attention to the mouse cursor. CPU and memory usage is minimal and response time is very good.

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