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This lightweight app will help you program your PC perform scheduled tasks, such as reboots, app launches, or other iterative processes

What’s new in PC AutoTimer

  • Added the feature of hotkey collection.
  • Added the feature to launch a shortcut which linked to an app, folder, etc.
  • Added option to log in system directly when waking up from AC power mode.
  • Ignoring movement events when recording the mouse.

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Managing your PC’s state, be it that you wish to perform a restart, set it to “Sleep” mode, or just shut down the system altogether, can either be done manually, using the default functions offered by your OS or, through the aid of dedicated software, such as PC AutoTimer. As its name aptly suggests, it will allow you to program and perform automatic tasks such as reboots, shutdowns, or other, specialized processes, such as running particular executables and displaying messages, all in an interactive manner, if required.

Tabbed interface, which facilitates app configuration and offers a good overview of the added tasks

The application presents its main features through the aid of three main tabs, which makes setting things up a quite straightforward endeavor. Furthermore, clear and uncluttered air is maintained throughout the entirety of the layout, meaning that handling effectiveness is also increased.

The main working principle consists of setting up the way the PC will execute the desired tasks. This will result in individual or multiple tasks, which can be easily managed from the main listing.

Task scheduler that provides a comprehensive amount of tweaking options, leaving little to be desired

As stated above, task scheduling is at the core of the app. This means that users will be able to program their PC to restart, shutdown, enter sleep or hibernation, at preferred dates and times, and also recursively, which might be highly useful when running the app into a work-related environment or setup.

In addition to programming your PC to shut down, restart or enter sleep or hibernation, you can also set it to initialize certain executables, terminate processes, open files, and a lot more, which we believe is a real advantage and gives the app a polyvalent edge over other, similar solutions.

Useful app, especially for those who seek a way of programming their PC to perform booting sequences or other, custom tasks

Give this nifty little app a try, if you wish to set your PC to shut down or restart by itself, at your preferred time, or even run apps and display messages on demand, iteratively.

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