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Secure your remote desktop connections and keep all the threats away by filtering countries of origin, managing working hours, and protecting yourself against brute-force attacks

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Any connection with the “outside world” of a computer might result in an infection. Whether you are using a work computer or a personal one, it is important to apply a robust security policy when running remote desktop sessions, considering that the RDP is one of the preferred channels of malware distribution.

RDS-Knight includes various modules that work together to prevent, protect and fight cyber-criminals. As you launch it, you are greeted by a modern-looking interface that displays all the modules and provides one-click access to all of them.

Filter locations and block certain IP addresses

By default, your PC is configured to allow connections from anywhere in the world. RDS-Knight can filter the locations according to your preferences.

To go even further, RDS-Knight can impose restrictions to individual users or entire groups. The scheduler enables you to define users who are authorized or blocked at different times of the day, according to your specifications.

Different security levels and a monitoring Windows service

There are three security levels you can choose from. The Kiosk mode brings the highest number of usage restrictions, the Secured Desktop mode limits browsing for server resources within the RDP session, and the default Windows security model.

The RDP Defender runs as a dedicated Windows service that is designed to protect the host PC. It permanently monitors the computer activity and blocks connection attempts coming from IP addresses on its blacklist or from computers that experienced consecutive failed logon attempts.

As expected, a whitelist of addresses can also be built.  Here, you can add multiple IP addresses that you are sure are secure.

Protect your PC against all threats during RDP sessions

RDS-Knight is an interesting piece of software that promises to secure your RDP sessions and lower the risk of having your application hacked. Not only that it can filter RDP requests based on location, but it can also identify the device and use it as a filtering criteria.

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