Thinfilm and Energous Collaborate to Enable Ultrathin, Reliable, Wirelessly Rechargeable Devices

Energous Corporation and Thin Film Electronics announced a partnership to simplify the integration of Energous WattUp RF wireless charging and Thinfilm solid-state lithium microbattery technology in form-factor-sensitive applications such as hearables, wearables, and connected sensors.

By simplifying the charging method and improving energy storage, Energous and Thinfilm aim to help device manufacturers create comfortable, easy-to-use products without the hassles of wired connections or the limitations of legacy battery technologies.

To facilitate the adoption of next-generation charging and energy storage technologies, the companies plan to jointly promote their technologies to customers in markets where designers face severe form factor constraints as well as consumer pressure for convenience and reliability.

Kevin Barber, CEO of Thinfilm, said that Thinfilm’s ultrathin, ultrasafe batteries and Energous’ WattUp wireless charging are ideal complementary technologies for the next generation of sleek, comfortable, easy-to-use wearable devices and connected sensors. By combining effortlessly simple wireless charging with ultrathin, reliable solid-state batteries, device manufacturers can offer products combining long lifetimes and user convenience with striking new form factors that will amaze and delight their customers.

“Innovative designers in the wearables, hearables, and sensor markets can combine the convenience of wireless charging with the form factor and longevity advantages of solid-state energy storage to deliver a unique combination of end-user comfort, high reliability, and maximum convenience,” said Stephen R. Rizzone, president and CEO of Energous Corporation. “Together with Thinfilm, we look forward to enabling the next generation of innovative wearable devices.”

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