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Quickly organize images into folders after previewing them, with this fast, intuitive application that can be used with just your keyboard

When dealing with a large number of images, organizing them into relevant folders can take a very long time. However, you can make things easier by relying on a software utility designed for this purpose.

Image Sort is a relatively simple, open-source application created to help you move images to other folders quickly and efficiently. It features a minimalistic UI and can be managed with just keyboard input.

Start organizing your images in no time

The installation procedure is as straightforward as you can expect, and you can start working with the program immediately. Some brief instructions are available on the project’s GitHub page, but the utility is quite straightforward to use.

Before anything else, you will need to select the folder where your files are located. The images can be previewed in the right-hand panel, and you can specify how each of them should be handled before moving on.

Quick solution for sorting images into folders

You will notice that all subfolders are listed in the main window, and you need to select the one where you wish to move images before performing an action. However, you can also create a new directory at any time.

When viewing each file, you can either skip it or move it to the selected directory. The process is very quick, so you will be able to get through an entire album in no time. What’s more, every action can be done with keyboard shortcuts, which are listed in the online documentation.

If you are dealing with a particularly large number of subdirectories, you can also take advantage of the simple search function that is included.

Handy utility for users who need to organize large image collections

While not the most complex image organizer out there, Image Sort does the job well enough, and it emphasizes speed and efficiency above all else. It doesn’t come with any advanced features, but most users will probably not need them anyway.

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