The best TV antennas of 2021: Tested and rated

The best TV antennas are easy to set up and provide a constant stream of live content, all for free. With HD broadcasts and access to major networks, like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, all you need is a TV and HDTV antenna to get shows, movies, sports and news, without spending a cent. Whether want to cut the cord in the new year or just a backup option, a good antenna is a must-have.

Our TV antenna reviews rely on hands-on evaluation and careful testing to find the best TV antennas available, whether it’s a simple unamplified antenna that hangs on the wall, an amplified unit that’s set on a shelf, or even a larger outdoor model that pulls in stations from miles away. In every review we examine not only performance, but also the equipment that’s included with an antenna, and the ease of setup and use.

What are the best TV antennas?

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