Microsoft Mesh and Viva: Revolutionizing the corporate dynamic for success

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At its Ignite conference this week, Microsoft showed that it not only isn’t standing still during the pandemic but is also advancing at an impressive pace. The company made two big announcements, unveiling Microsoft Viva, which looks to the future, and Microsoft Mesh, which allows companies to better pivot to meet the contemporary present. Both are at the very beginning of their product lives, and both will evolve significantly through the rest of this decade. 

Viva and Mesh are toolsets, not discrete products, and should have a significant positive impact on the companies that use them. They could make the difference between whether your company advances or falls behind in the post-pandemic new normal. 

Let’s look at each tool and what it does. 

Microsoft Mesh

I’ve been interested in videoconferencing since AT&T showcased it at Disneyland in the mid-1960s. I’ve been disappointed mainly because on a 10-year cycle, efforts seem to advance, stall, and then start over — without anyone seeming to learn why earlier efforts failed. The goal was to create a communication method that could replace both voice and in-person meetings, and for five decades, we’ve had systems that did neither well. 

Thanks mainly to the COVID-19 pandemic, tools have advanced faster in the past year than they did in the prior five decades. Microsoft Mesh is the penultimate result of that rapid revolution and in 18 to 24 months (about when Microsoft feels the hardware will catch up with the software), it could realistically achieve both goals. 

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