Anritsu Joins National Spectrum Consortium to Advance 5G & Spectrum Access Technologies

Anritsu announced that it has become a member of the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) to collaborate on the research, development, and implementation of 5G-based technologies. By joining NSC, Anritsu will work with fellow member companies and senior government officials to help shape 5G and electromagnetic spectrum solutions.

“Our participation in NSC continues our commitment to serve as a 5G leader. Anritsu is excited about being part of this team of leading technologists, engineers, and scientists from industry, academia, and government. We are taking a strategic approach with the goal of developing solutions that meet the short- and long-term challenges associated with the rollout of 5G and its integration into commercial, private, and government applications to ensure operability and compatibility,” said Robert E Johnson, General Manager and Vice President, Anritsu Company.

The National Spectrum Consortium (NCS) is comprised of nearly 400 US companies and academic institutions, and their technologists, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and program managers work with their counterparts in government to solve the toughest problems facing the nation with regard to 5G, 5G-based technologies, and spectrum access and sharing. Its mission is to foster collaboration among Government, Industry and Academia to identify, develop and demonstrate the enabling technologies necessary to broaden the military and commercial access to and use of the electromagnetic spectrum for 5G and beyond.

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