Accumet Celebrates its Golden Anniversary | 2021-03-12

Accumet is an industry-leading advanced processing manufacturer for new and legacy materials fabrication, precision laser services, lapping, polishing and critical component assembly. They provide some of the most innovative manufacturing techniques in the industry—techniques they not only perfected over the past half century, but invented. 

When Accumet Engineering Corporation first opened its doors in 1970, America was in the throes of the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Space Race and innumerable sociopolitical turmoils. The American landscape was post-industrial, but pre-automation; man had been to the moon, but had yet to even dream of the world-wide web. But in a small factory in Hudson, Mass, the future of American manufacturing was being engineered, quite literally, by a handful of forward-thinkers. This group of pioneers would, in many ways, set the modern standard for the fabrications industry. 

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