Precision SMUs boast fast load recovery

Rohde & Schwarz NGU series source measure units (SMUs) provide a load recovery time of under 30 μs with minimum overshoot. The two-quadrant NGU201 and four-quadrant NGU401 enable simultaneous sourcing and measuring of currents and voltages. A special ammeter design with feedback amplification affords both maximum sensitivity and accuracy to reliably measure currents from nA to A in a single sweep.

NGU SMUs offer six current ranges from 10 μA with 100-pA resolution to 10 A with 10-μA resolution. Accuracy up to 0.025% is achieved across all ranges. Voltage is measured with 10-μV resolution in the 20V range and 1-μV resolution in the 6V range. A high capacitance mode allows capacitance at the input of the DUT to be adjusted in steps from 1 μF to 470 μF. This permits current to be displayed as if it were measured directly at the DUT.

The two-quadrant NGU201 is optimized for battery drain analysis of any battery-powered device, including mobile phones, tablets, and the full range of IoT equipment. With its 8 A of maximum current, the NGU201 even supports fast-charge applications.

The four-quadrant NGU401 is intended for semiconductor testing. It performs source measurements for any equipment requiring source and sink voltages in the range of -20 to +20V.  Both instruments offer a FastLog function to capture voltage and current levels every 2 μs, so even the shortest intermittent glitches are detected.

Prices for the NGU201 and NGU401 source measure units start at $7880 and $7250, respectively.

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Rohde & Schwarz

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