Modelithics® and Passive Plus Partner to Offer New Circuit and 3D Resistor Models Validated to 60 GHz | 2021-03-16

Modelithics announced the release of new models for the Passive Plus R35-1209BB and R35-2010BB flip-chip resistor products. New Microwave Global Models™ for both resistor series are now available within the Modelithics COMPLETE Library™ as well as the Modelithics mmWave & 5G Library. In addition, new 3D geometry models for the resistors are now available within the latest version, v20.8, of the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library for Ansys® HFSS™. 

The two new Microwave Global Models for the R35-1209BB and R35-2010BB resistor families, respectively, for values of 50 and 100 Ω. Both models are validated to 60 GHz, making them well suited for today’s higher frequency requirements. The models provide validated data for a range of substrates and scale with respect to solder-pad dimensions. 

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