Windows Community Toolkit v7.0 announced, includes new tools and improvements

In a new blog post, Microsoft has announced Windows Community Toolkit v7.0, which is a toolkit that’s designed to make it easier and more intuitive for developers to create .NET and UWP apps for Windows 10. This version supersedes the previous v6.1 version and offers a wide range of advancements and improvements.

The highlights of the update include a new .NET Standard MVVM library, easier to use Toast Notification helpers for .NET as well as UWP, a completely revamped composition Animation system for C# & XAML, and new more intuitive controls across the board. For a more detailed breakdown of all of the changes, make sure to check out the full blog post.

Considering that this toolkit makes the process of making apps easier for developers, it’s awesome to see it get such a big improvement. This will hopefully lead to more helpful and enjoyable apps that Windows 10 users can enjoy down the line, which would be fantastic for everyone. If you’re interested in using the Community Toolkit yourself, you can get started by going through Microsoft’s official tutorial and by checking out the official Windows Community Toolkit Sample App. You can also get involved with the community by interacting with the Windows Community Toolkit GitHub forum. If you’re looking for a great device to use the Community Toolkit on, we highly recommend the Surface Pro X, as it’s an incredibly thin and light 2-in-1 that’s perfect for productivity tasks thanks to its ARM architecture.

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