Digitizers and AWGs by Spectrum Now Support ARM-Based NVIDIA Jetson | 2021-03-17

Following a number of requests from its customers, Spectrum Instrumentation now offers driver support for the NVIDIA Jetson, a series of embedded computing boards from NVIDIA. The new driver package means that any of Spectrum’s high performance digitizers, AWGs or digital I/O products with PCIe interface, currently 65 different cards, can be used with this small but powerful platform. 

The NVIDIA Jetson consists of an ARM CPU and a CUDA-based GPU for high performance parallel processing. In addition, it has one PCIe slot that can accommodate any Spectrum PCIe card. The high-speed parallel processing of the GPU makes it a perfect platform for handling the large volumes of data that can be acquired and generated by the Spectrum products. As Spectrum already offers Spectrum’s CUDA Access for Parallel Processing, the NVIDIA Jetson is a perfect fit.

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