Interposer connects scope to protocol analyzer

Engineers can debug a live PCI Express link across electrical and protocol layers with CrossSync PHY software and interposers from Teledyne LeCroy. CrossSync PHY enables waveforms from an oscilloscope to be viewed alongside protocol analyzer traces, with complete time-correlation of electrical and protocol information. Testing PCI Express using one system enhances reliability and accuracy to permit powerful validation and root-cause analysis.

illustration of waveforms shown with interposers and test equipment

Three PCIe 4.0 M.2 interposer models with CrossSync PHY support add built-in oscilloscope probing corresponding to one, two, or four lanes of the PCI Express interface. They allow probing of sideband signals, reference clock, and power rails. The CrossSync PHY software for Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster and WaveMaster oscilloscopes enables the scope’s MAUI user interface to be viewed directly alongside the Teledyne LeCroy CATC protocol trace. The oscilloscope timebase and protocol analyzer acquisition windows remain synchronized while navigating through the combined acquisition. 

The PE210UIA-1PHY, -2PHY, and -4PHY CrossSync PHY-capable interposers and software are available for immediate order.

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