How to make your PC take the Steam Hardware Survey

You hang up on phone surveys and pretend no one is home when a government census taker rings the door bell, but god forbid if your gaming PC doesn’t get counted in Valve’s important Steam Hardware Survey.

And why not? As the pulse of the world’s largest gaming store, you want your hardware to count if it helps tell developers they need to make games that support 16-core CPUs and ultrawide screens.

While there’s definitely reason to question whether the Steam Hardware Survey is truly a random sample of hardware—as Jarred Walton of Tom’s Hardware notes here and Extreme Tech’s Joel Hruska talks about here—even worse is not to be counted at all.

Unfortunately, what makes Steam Hardware Survey kick off is about as mysterious as confirmation of Half Life 3. If you swapped out your RAM, motherboard, a new higher resolution monitor, or even a new CPU, you may or may not have the survey kick off.

steam run Gordon Mah Ung/IDG

You can kick off the Steam Hardware Survey manually if you feel your PC deserves to be counted again.

If you feel your PC has been significantly upgraded since the day it was built and you want to fire off the Steam Hardware Survey, here’s how to force it:

First, press the Windows Key + the R key simultaneously to summon Windows 10’s “Run” prompt. Now, enter one of the four lines:


Once you click OK or hit Enter on your keyboard, Steam should fire up (if it’s not running already) and the Steam Hardware Survey will gather up your system’s specs.

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