How to clean your Roomba’s filter

If you’ve just been dumping dust, dirt, and debris from your Roomba’s bin into the trash and then slapping it back into your trusty robovac, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s easy to ignore, but there’s a filter inside the bin compartment, and if you’re not cleaning it regularly—and replacing it once in a while—your Roomba will get less and less efficient as it sweeps your floors.

If you haven’t been taking care of your Roomba’s bin filter, it’s never too late to start.

The procedure for cleaning your Roomba’s filter differs depending on which model you have.

For the popular 600 series (I have a Roomba 675, for example), there’s a curved filter that sits in the bin itself, while 800- and 900-series Roombas have a rectangular filter cartridge that fits into the top of the bin. “E” and “i” series Roombas also have a filter cartridge, but it’s located on the side of the bin.

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I’m going to show you how to clean the filter on a Roomba 675, which is one of the most popular Roomba models. Have a different Roomba model? Keep reading to get the gist of what you’ll need to do, and don’t worry; I’ll point you to directions for the other Roomba versions.

Remove the bin and open it

You’re probably already familiar with the first step; simply push the release button on the top of your Roomba, then slide the bin out.

how to open roomba bin Ben Patterson/IDG

Just press the yellow level to release the bin door on a 600 series Roomba.

If there’s debris in the bin from a prior cleaning (I must admit, I only empty the bin just before a cleaning, not immediately after one), go ahead press the yellow lever to open the bin door and dump any gunk into the trash.

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