Download Monknow New Tab 2.12.0

A smart extension that transforms your new tab into a website catalog, simplifying the way you pick and launch your favorite sites

Opening a new tab in Chrome will bring forward a blank page or a pre-determined home page. If you feel like you could get more out of a new tab you are right. Chrome has a lot of space for improvements and enhancements, and extensions are the tools that apply the changes. Take Monknow New Tab, for example, a neat extension that turns each new tab into a URL hub.

Add it and set it up

After the extension is added you’ll have to go over a set of steps regarding account synchronization, username and bookmarks access, not necessarily in this order.

If your browser is not configured an enhanced tab will be displayed. The differences between a tab’s default and enhanced states are obvious. First, a new sidebar will be put in place. Furthermore, you’ll notice neat boxes with random, popular sites. That is the URL group management provided by the extension. Use the sidebar to switch between the groups.

Creating new groups is also possible. Click the + button and start adding your preferred websites. This way, when you open a new tab you’ll know exactly where to go in order to launch a page of interest

Can be further customized

Overlooking the Settings menu is not a wise idea. You can change the extension even more. For example, the General tab lets you manage your profile, Theme, and Wallpaper dealt with the aesthetic side, same as Appearance. Maybe switching to new tiles or box positions might not be of interest, but maybe the dark mode will catch your attention.

To summarize, Monknow New Tab is a swift way of getting your new tab improved. If you are all about having websites neatly organized and at your disposition, giving this app a try might prove to be the best decision of the day.

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