7 common cloud problems and how to fix them

As a wise cloud architect once said, “I’ve got 99 problems and the cloud ain’t one” (props to Jay-Z). The cloud made running applications and services on a massive scale much easier. Yet cloud computing brings its own problems.

For one, back in the on-prem days, some runaway code would cause merely performance degradation or an outage. Now AWS will turn out your pockets, pick you up, flip you upside down, and shake you until every last dime is gone—the bill for your bug.

Meanwhile, it is all too easy to use Amazon Kinesis or Azure Cosmos DB or Google Cloud Bigtable, but any one of them is a Hotel California where you can check out any time but you can never leave. While the pricing of raw infrastructure services has decreased over time, cloud provider pricing in general has been more stable (and incomprehensible).

And, good gosh, among all that complexity and a bunch of instances you are supposed to keep things stable and secure? And why is my Kubernetes config so dang long?

I could go on. Instead, I asked the people responsible for running some of the Internet’s most critical cloud-based services what problems they have faced, and how they solve or mitigate them.

Cost management

Remember when people thought AWS was cheap? “When you actually have hardware that sits on-premises, you use it. It’s yours. You paid for it. You pay for electricity, but then you use it as much as you want,” Marc Sanfaçon, senior vice president of technology and co-founder of Coveo, told me.

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