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Organize code into collections using tags as well as your most important resources for coding with the help of this nifty Chrome extension

Starting off as a rookie developer and learning new coding techniques on the fly can be a grueling, intimidating, and even daunting process. Thankfully, there are a plethora of online resources out there that can ease the process significantly.

Be that as it may, dealing with this much information and dozens of open tabs with numerous resources can heavily slow down the process. That said, if you’re currently in the midst of the process, here’s a little Chrome extension that might help you a great deal.

Meet Save Code, a nice Chrome extension for aspiring developers

It’s called Save Code, and it’s designed to help you save and organize code snippets within a single tab. Not only that, but it also provides a quick way to access them later on.

Its main goal is to make the entire process of searching, trying out, and using code again at a later time a lot easier. It’s also worth noting that the extension can also help you save useful webpages that help you in your endeavor.

How to get started with Save Code

Save Code can be installed on Google Chrome on any platform supported by the browser, and can be used from literally anywhere granted you have an active internet connection. This because all your snippets are saved and organized (and can be accessed when you need them) on a cloud server hosted by

Installation is quite simple and similar to most other Chrome extensions. Once installed, you’ll need to create an account on the aforementioned platform (it shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds).

How it works

Once the extension is installed and the account created, just click the “save” button that should appear bellow any code snippet online. If, by chance, you don’t see the button, simply select the code snippet yourself, right-click it, and use the extension’s save button from Chrome’s contextual menu.

You are provided with the choice of adding the selected snippet in any of your existing collections, or even create new ones on the fly. You can also change the title, and alter the code before saving, if you want. Of course, the extension also provides you with the option of adding tags to your snippets (so that you can find them a lot easier later), as well as comprehensive descriptions, if necessary.

That’s basically about it. Save Code is a very easy-to-use and quite useful little tool that should help people who want to learn to code make the whole process a bit more organized and less stressful.

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