Download Happytime Stream2File 3.2

This command-line based application will enable you to save RTSP/RTMP stream data to local files, in a wide range of output formats

What’s new in Happytime Stream2File 3.2:

  • Supports rtsp/rtmp/http mjpeg stream to file, up to 100 streams simultaneously
  • Support MPEG4, MJPEG, H264, H265 video formats
  • Support G711A, G711U, G722, G726, AAC audio formats
  • Simple configuration and easy to use

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Relying on streaming protocols, such as RTMP or RTSP can come with its own challenges and consequently, issues. Be it that users wish to perform the live streaming for a business, their own personal purposes, or, for other reason, the two protocols mentioned above still remain a common choice in today’s quiver of streaming tools.

Happytime Stream2File was created specifically in order to offer those who use the RTSP or RTMP streaming formats, a dedicated tool for saving the streamed content to disk, via a command-line interface, which accepts simple statements for controlling the video grabbing process.

The application supports a wide range of both video and audio formats, such as H264, H265, MJPEG or, G711A, G711U, and G722, respectively, together with AVI and MP4. The actual video conversion for offline saving is performed with automatic computation of the video parameters, such as the frame rate or resolution.

Users will be able to perform the stream to file conversions for up to 100 streams simultaneously, in either recording size or recording time configurations, with read API interfaces for both AVI and MP4 formats. To complete the package, the included AviFixer CLI allows users to repair the video files in case of power loss or abnormal shutdowns.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Supports a maximum of 2 RTSP/RTMP streams.

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