Download Portable Everything 1.4.1 Build 1005 / 1.4.1 Build 1007 Beta / 1.5 Build 1253 Alpha

A lightweight and effective standalone application aimed to offer you the means of locating any file or folder you may need from your PC

What’s new in Portable Everything 1.5 Build 1253 Alpha:

  • This version may rebuild your indexes due to a change with storing property filters.
  • Fixed an issue with the folder filter causing database corruption.
  • Fixed an issue with the renaming a folder over an existing folder causing database corruption.
  • Fixed a crash with really long property filters.

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With hard disk capacity increasing every year, a proper search tool is required if you want to locate any of the files stored on the computer. Portable Everything is a nice program that was designed to help you with this issue.

This lightweight app has a simple interface that is easy to work with.

The tool is ready to use immediately and rapidly searches the entire hard drive for the files that correspond to the words you’re looking for. Several options are available in regards to the way the program works. For instance, you can have the search results match the case, the whole word or the path.

In order to further filter the search, you can look for recent changes only. For instance, it can look for items that were changed in the last hour, last day, week or month. Another filter regards the file type, such as audio, archive, document, executable, folder, picture and video.

Some advanced options are also available. For instance, the tool can be set to run at system startup and you can create shortcuts for the Start menu, desktop or Quick launch. A search history may be kept for a user-defined period of time.

Furthermore, you can exclude hidden files and folders and any system directories from all search queues. The list of excluded items can easily be extended.

Since the program is portable, it doesn’t require installation on the computer and shouldn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.

The bottom line is that Everything is a nice program that offers accurate results instantly. Inexperienced users should find it easy to work with, thanks to the intuitive interface and the overall simplicity of the app.

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