Ryzen 5000: Specs, reviews, performance, where to buy

Back in November, AMD fired a fresh shot across Intel’s bow with the launch of its Zen 3 processors—also known as Ryzen 5000. Not only did those powerful new desktop parts win a spot on our Best CPUs list, they were joined soon after by equally impressive mobile chips in January.

Upgrading to either variant of Ryzen 5000 naturally brings up questions: Just how powerful is each line? Where can I get these right now? And whatever happened to Ryzen 4000 on desktop? We answer all these topics and more, which you’ll find in the handy list below. You can use this article as a cheat sheet for quickly getting up to speed on the latest, too.

Ryzen 5000 naming

For desktop chips, the last generation was known as Ryzen 3000. Read about why AMD decided to skip over Ryzen 4000 for this latest successor and head straight to Ryzen 5000 instead.

Ryzen 5000 specs

After the announcement of new desktop processors, we dug into all the important Ryzen 5000 specs you need to know about the 5600X, 5800X, 5900X, and flagship 5950X. Interested in the mobile chips instead? We dive into the Ryzen mobile specs for those, too.

Ryzen 5000 review (desktop CPUs)

Quite simply, Zen 3’s launch on November 5, 2020 dropped the best consumer CPU we’ve ever seen onto retail shelves. In our review, you’ll see how AMD blew the competition out of the water. No more quantifying Ryzen as the value pick or the better choice for multi-core tasks—it fires on all cylinders.

Ryzen 5000 review (laptop CPUs)

With the launch of Ryzen 4000 in 2020, AMD expanded its fight for dominance. The arrival of Ryzen 5000 mobile processors in January 2021 intensified that war dramatically, with H-class chips that walked all over the competition despite being housed in small, thin laptops. Its line of lower-wattage U-class chips clean up nicely, too.

Should you upgrade to Ryzen 5000?

For those who have a desktop system with an older Ryzen processor, we ran the numbers to help you decide if upgrading to a Ryzen 5000 chip makes sense. If benchmarks aren’t your thing, you can instead read up on the top five reasons that Ryzen 5000 needs to be your next desktop CPU.

Ryzen 5000 vs. Rocket Lake-S

When Ryzen 5000 desktop CPUs launched last fall, they marked a new era for AMD—one where caveats were no longer necessary to describe the company’s processors. But now Intel has finally released a fresh batch of processors, too, making Ryzen 5000 less of a clear winner. Here’s how Ryzen 5000 and Intel Rocket Lake S stack up against each other.

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