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Get rid of that unwanted copied content with this minimalism, unobtrusive clipboard clearing app that offers simple and effective performance

What’s new in ClearClipboard 1.07-1:

  • Slightly improved detection of “textual” data on the clipboard.
  • Implemented detection of “Ditto”, a popular clipboard manager for Microsoft Windows.
  • Some fixes and improvements.

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It must have happened to you at least once in your whole PC use experience – you’ve accidentally copied a large text and cluttered your clipboard with it. This can be quite a mess, there are no two ways about it, and as silly as it might sound, clearing the clipboard can be done using dedicated apps, such as ClearClipboard. With its minimalist set of features and accessible handling, it will allow you to quickly and efficiently clean and automatically maintain your clipboard clear of content.

Tray-area based access, which ensures a smooth, unobtrusive functioning throughout

Right after the swift deployment process, you will find the app patiently waiting to be accessed in the tray area icon. To clear the contents of your clipboard, you simply need to click the icon and select the corresponding command.

Yes, it’s that simple, and although most times simplicity does come at the cost of some caveats here and there, we truly enjoyed ClearClipboard’s basic handling. But there’s more to that, and more demanding users are also addressed by the extra functionality.

If you wish to worry less about the clipboard, set the app to clear it automatically, saving you precious time

One of the strong points of ClearClipboard is its ability to automatically clear your clipboard. Yes, it will do so periodically, and you won’t have to worry about a thing, as this process is fully automated.

We liked the fact that the app does allow for some leniency in the sense that users will have the option of manually setting the clipboard time clearing interval, this way ensuring that the process occurs according to their specific requirements.

Convenient solution for an apparently simple yet pressing issue – clearing the clipboard contents

ClearClipboard is a simple yet strong app that is ideally suited to those who wish to clear the contents of their clipboards, bot manually or, if required, automatically.

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