WWDC 2021 is coming, and we know very little about it

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) takes place online June 7-11. That’s just over three weeks away. So what do we expect?

Known unknowns

It’s interesting how little we think we know this year, but don’t let the lack of anticipation fool you. This may turn out to be a year in which Apple lays the foundations for its next wave of new product launches.

All the same, when Apple goes quiet, I grow curious.

State of the transition: The Mac

Apple only recently introduced new iMacs. These are already racing to the top of the speed charts, delivering 37% gains in comparison to Intel Core i7 and i9 models, making these all-in-ones a nemesis for HP and a viable proposition for any enterprise looking to invest in new desktops.

But everyone’s gone mobile nowadays, so might WWDC 2021 see the introduction of a larger MacBook Pro running an M1 (or M2) chip? Perhaps Apple also plans a larger iMac running that chip? And what about a new display?

Given this announcement would follow just one year since the transition migrated from rumor to reality, there’s a certain punch in making that case — and a chance to update developers on progress toward the Mac Pro.

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