9 Chrome extensions that supercharge Google Drive

Google Drive is a powerful business tool in its own right, especially when partnered with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. But a number of Chrome browser extensions can add more file management features and other tricks to Google’s cloud storage and office apps.

If you regularly use Google Drive through Chrome or Chrome OS, consider adding the following extensions to make working with Drive and Google’s productivity apps more efficient and productive.

1. AwesomeDrive for Google Drive

If you use Microsoft Office and store your Office documents in Google Drive, AwesomeDrive is a must. Once the extension is installed in Chrome, you can open an Office document from Google Drive and it will load in the Microsoft Office application (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) that’s installed on your computer.

After you edit and save the document in Office, the new version of it will be saved back to Google Drive. Thus, AwesomeDrive saves you from having to manually download your Office documents from Google Drive and upload them again after you’ve worked on them in Microsoft Office.

2. Checker Plus for Google Drive / 3. Drive Anywhere

Checker Plus lets you access Google Drive and manage your files without needing to open your Google Drive home screen in a Chrome tab. Clicking the Checker Plus icon on the Chrome toolbar opens a panel that shows your files in your Google Drive. Here you can browse or search for files, as well as delete or rename them.

chrome extensions gdrive checker plus ISG

With Checker Plus, you can open and manage files stored in Google Drive without launching Drive in a new browser tab. (Click image to enlarge it.)

When you click a filename, the document will open in the appropriate Google office app inside a new browser tab. You can also copy shareable web links to files, star items so they’re easy to keep track of, and upload files from your computer to Google Drive.

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