This smart new service brings Google Docs, Trello, and Notion together — in your inbox

It’s pretty rare that I stumble onto a new service and think, “Whoa! This is exactly what I’ve been missing. And I didn’t even know I was missing it.”

Well, my fellow efficiency-obsessed earthlings, I’m ecstatic to report that that magnificent moment just happened — and the service in question is a little somethin’ called Hitsnag.

Hitsnag? Hitsnag. (I’m assuming that’s meant to be read as “hit-SNAG” and not “hits-NAG,” but I’ll leave that up to your own interpretation.) The service may sound like a funky-lookin’ protrusion you’d go to the dermatologist to get removed, but don’t let its name fool you: Hitsnag is an incredibly clever way to connect some of your favorite productivity tools to your inbox and make ’em more useful than ever. If you’re familiar with the app-connecting automation platform Zapier, it’s kinda like that — only it exists entirely in email, without any extra apps to open or complicated processes to configure.

Right now, Hitsnag works with Google Docs, Notion, and Trello, and even more integrations are in the works. Already, though, the service makes it almost impossibly easy to interact with your info in any of the supported apps without ever having to leave your inbox.

Let’s say, for instance, you’ve got an email you want to dump over into a Google Docs document for future contemplation. Maybe it’s a draft of something a colleague sent over, maybe it’s a note you wrote to yourself in the wee hours of the night whilst consuming copious amounts of canned cheese, or maybe it’s even, ahem, a super-awesome knowledge-filled newsletter by an unusually handsome fellow. Whatever the case may be, with Hitsnag set up, all you’ve gotta do is forward the email to from any address you have associated with your account. You put the name you want for the document in the subject line and leave whatever text you want in the body.

Google Docs Inbox (1)JR

Hit “Send” on that sucker, and a second later, bam: You’ll have a Google Docs document with the exact info you beamed over — and with all of your formatting and styling in place.

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