Download magayo Pick 4.0.3 Build 1

Increase your chances of winning the lottery by analyzing draw results and generating tickets, with this comprehensive application

What’s new in magayo Pick 4.0.3 Build 1:

  • Following are the changes made in Version
  • Added support for Jamaica Pick 3, Pick 4 and Trinidad and Tobago Pick 4
  • Updated exported filenames with name of lottery game

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Magayo Pick is a software application that provides lottery aficionados with a simple means of generating numbers for the lottery, view numerous stats and export data to a file.

Simple setup and minimal interface

You are required to go through a smooth and surprise-free installation process and once you are done with it, you come face to face with a simple and clear-cut GUI. It is only comprised of a menu bar, a pane in which to display the logo and several windows that you can bring up. Some FAQs are supported, thus ensuring that all user categories can find their way around it, without encountering any issues.

Use built-in games

This software application comes bundled with a few types of lottery games, so that you can easily switch between them and generate a specified number of digits and items. It is also possible to view almost the entire history of the selected game, as well as use a search function.

Customize configurations and generate stats

In addition to that, you can easily select the digits that can be used for each position of the number, so as to generate ten items you can play at the lotto, as well as how many times each and every one has won first prize and save them to a TXT document.

Statistics can be brought up pertaining to a myriad of options, including digits, pairs, triplets, permutations and sum patters. Last but not least, you can easily use a proxy to connect to the Internet.

Conclusion and performance

The amount of resources required in order to properly run the program is low at times, which means that the system’s performance is not going to be affected in any way. The interface is suitable to both power and novice users, the response time is good and our tests did not reveal any errors or crashes. Nevertheless, you should know that not all types of lotteries are supported and you can only create your own type in the purchased version of the product.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Magayo Pick is a pretty handy piece of software, dedicated to people who like playing the lottery.

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