Fairview Microwave Releases Coaxial Packaged VCOs for Prototype and Proof of Concept Applications

Fairview Microwave Inc. has unveiled a new line of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) designed to address a wide range of satcom, electronic warfare, VSAT, ECM, radar and test and measurement applications. 

Fairview Microwave’s new series of coaxial packaged, VCOs includes 15 models that cover broad frequency bands and exhibit excellent tuning linearity, phase noise and harmonic suppression performance. VCOs generate their own output signal level and allow designers to adjust the tuning voltage, which varies the output signal oscillation frequency to get a desired signal level across a specific frequency band. These products are useful as signal sources in phase locked loop circuits, frequency synthesizers and function generators, and are ideal for signal conversion applications in transceiver circuits, test and measurement. 

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