Compact converters span 0.5 to 20 A

Murata’s UltraBK, MonoBK, and PicoBK non-isolated DC/DC converters deliver high package density for a wide variety of space-conscious applications. Their high efficiency, decreased noise, and low EMI meet the requirements of communication, storage, and server applications, as well as the 5G market.

annotated photo of the Murata UltraBK, MonoBK, and PicoBK non-isolated DC/DC converters

Housed in thin packages, UltraBK converters (MYTNA and MYTNC series) feature a two-stage architecture that combines charge pump technology with conventional DC/DC converter circuits. UltraBK products include both 4- and 6-A devices.

The expanded MonoBK lineup now includes the heat-resistant MYMGK-H series of 12- and 20-A converters. Proprietary packing technology allows for internal temperature reduction of densely-mounted components by leveraging a structure that allows heat to escape from the module substrate.

Low-power PicoBK converters integrate an inductor with a control IC for applications where space is at a premium. These very small modules have low quiescent current, suitable for battery-powered wearable devices. The series comprises 0.5-, 1.0-, 1.5-, and 2.0-A models.

The UltraBK, MonoBK, and PicoBK non-isolated DC/DC converters are in mass production. Data sheets can be found here.


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