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Compress .wav tracks into .ape files to reduce their size without losing sound quality, decompress .ape, convert files, check file integrity and manage tags

What’s new in Monkey’s Audio 6.28:

  • Changed: Switched the installer icon to the program icon.
  • NEW: Rework of some art by the fantastic artist Johanne Courtright (thanks Johanne!).

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Designed for .wav tracks only, Monkey’s Audio is a lightweight and powerful application that can compress files into .ape format to reduce the space they occupy on the disk while attempting to preserve the original sound quality. It features multiple levels of speed and offers support for batch processing.

Quick setup and simple UI

After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are greeted by an outdated interface that doesn’t put emphasis on looks, yet it’s easy to navigate and lets you immediately dive into the configuration procedure.

Compress, decompress and convert files

It’s possible to compress .wav tracks at a preferred speed (fast, normal, high, high, extra high, insane), decompress .ape files, check file integrity via CRC checksum, as well as convert a compressed files between various compression formats: .ape, .shn (Shorten), .wv (Wavpack), .rka (Rkau), .mp3 (LAME), .mp+ (Mp+ decoder) and .ogg. Lastly, the software application lets you create, edit or remove tags for .ape and .mp3 files.

Check the new compressed size and configure app settings

The file list shows the name, extension, original and compressed size, time and status, along with the reduced size (in percentage) for each processed file.

As far as program options are concerned, you can specify the maximum number of simultaneous running files and process priority, together with integrity check mode (quick or full), play sound on task completion, modify the default output folder, and so on.

Evaluation and conclusion

The software application carries out compression jobs swiftly and delivers very good results concerning compression ratio and sound quality. No error dialogs popped up in our tests, and the tool didn’t hang or crash.

Although it may seem outdated, Monkey’s Audio offers a simple and effective solution to reducing the size of .wav audio tracks.

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