Download Movie Collector 21.2.1

This application is all a movie collector needs in order to organize the collection and keep track of each particular entry in it, relevant or otherwise

What’s new in Movie Collector 21.2.1:

  • New Link Movies with Core screen:
  • The new screen was created from scratch and offers a more visual and easier-to-use linking process, allowing you to quick link many movies in one go. Open the new Batch Link screen by choosing Batch Link Movies from the new CLZ Core menu.
  • When you open the screen, it automatically shows a list of all your unlinked movies. Click Find Matches at the top left to automatically find the best matches in our Core online movie database, based on barcode, IMDb Number, title and release year.

Read the full changelog Movie Collector is a different type of application than what we usually deal with when using a PC. What is the difference, you ask? The application is dedicated to a handful of people, all reunited by the same passion — movies.

This program offers movie enthusiasts the perfect system to track and manage a collection of discs or tapes. Simply scan the bar code on a certain media product, and the app should instantly access relevant information about what is on it.

Manually add entries

The simplest way to create your database is to simply add all the info by hand. Don’t waste any time writing info down on paper or even within a digital document. With this app, you can type the name of the movie, and the entry should almost instantly pop up for you to add to the list. Make sure you place a checkmark next to the entry if you’ve seen it already.

Search among all the added entries by making use of particular info such as the year of shooting, genre, theme, and so on. In order for the info to be relevant, you can complete the info yourself. Add the title, running time, language, collection status, image color, and studio. Finally, add your rating of the movie.

Up to date database

Don’t forget to check for changes in the movie world once in a while. Update file links or repairs broken thumbnails. If all hope is lost, hit the Reset to Defaults option. Just keep in mind that no matter what you’re dealing with in your movie collection, this application can help you organize and improve it overall. Movie Collector is the way to go if your growing movie collection is becoming more difficult to handle by the day. Take into account also the fact that you can customize the look of the app with themes and skins, making it feel even more tailored to your own style.

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