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A highly intuitive application that allows even beginners to backup their user data, then restore it without any hassle later on

Creating regular backups of your most valuable data is a must nowadays, especially considering how versatile hackers have become. PCData Back is one of the utilities you can turn to when you want to make sure your user profile data is safe, no matter if your PC crashes or is infected with malware.

Portable backup tool

One of the best things about PCData Back is that you do not need to install it on your computer to be able to benefit from its functions. Instead, you can just run it from any removable thumb drive whenever you need its feature-set.

Its graphic interface is user-friendly and all the displayed options are clearly explained, so there is no confusion about their purpose. There are three major actions you can perform: make a new backup, restore a backup from the default location or restore it from a custom location (such as HDD, SSD, Windows.old or a different volume).

Choose the data to backup

If you need to create a brand new backup, you can select the user account(s) you are interested in, as well as the user folders (like Application Data, Documents, Music, Videos, Desktop, Downloads, Pictures, or other folders). You even get the possibility to choose additional directories to be added to the backup.

You can assign your new backup a relevant name and select its location – if you only want to update an existing backup, you can check the option that allows you to only copy the new files, whereas the system files and the hidden ones are skipped.


All in all, PCData Back can become your go-to solution for quickly backing up information about your user profile, even if you have very little PC skills. Restoring a backup is just as easily done, with minimum input needed from the user.

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