Download Cloud Print for Windows 2.5.1

A client for the Google Cloud Print service that runs on Windows PCs alongside some very interesting features to help you get the job done in just a jiffy

Cloud Print for Windows addresses keen users of Google services such as GMail or other Google Apps on the lookout for a solution to help them print documents directly from their devices, mobile or not, through the GCP (Google Cloud Print) technology.

For starters, the Google Cloud Print allows you to print anywhere, anything from devices that you connect to the Google service. The way you can achieve that is by utilizing Cloud Print for Windows. As long as you have an Internet connection on the device you wish to print from and the Google account available on it is empowered to do it, you and your friends can print documents of choice on any of the connected printers.

Moreover, the Google Cloud Print service also supports Google Docs, thus you can quickly and easily print your work as you develop it, on-the-go. Cloud Print for Windows presents a rather geeky, old-school graphical user interface and is definitely too much for beginners. Even though it does not require rocket science to make it work, Cloud Print for Windows demands that you are not a complete alien to printer connections and a few other terms such as ‘Google Authorization’, ‘Polling Interval’, ‘Network Timeout’ or ‘Max Resolution’.

Cloud Print for Windows displays the currently available local printers and only needs a tick for each printer to be registered with Google Cloud Print. Furthermore, options like ‘Start Controller on Windows Login’ or ‘Enable OAuth2 Authentication’ can also be accessed within the File menu of the main interface window.

To sum it all up, Cloud Print for Windows can prove to be a great addition to your software arsenal if you find yourself constantly printing documents and you wish to do that within an increased environment. All you have to do is get yourself a Google account, this particular piece of software and connect your printers to the Google Cloud Print service.

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