How One Artist Is Flacking the Streets With Beauty

When you see a crack or a pothole what do you think? Perhaps you complain that the city is not taking care of its streets. However, artist Ememem sees an opportunity to make something beautiful.

He uses a technique called flacking that seesĀ tiles and majolica inserted in exquisite designs where the road has fallen apart.

What he does is not legal though so Ememem tells that he often has to work at night secretly.

We think it’s such a shame that something that brings so much beauty and joy needs to be hidden. But it won’t be hidden from you! We have collected some of his most inspiring art from his Instagram and shared it with you.

Flacking kind of reminds us of theĀ Japanese practice of kintsugi which consists of filling in broken vases and other instruments with gold.

Flacking is more complicated though as all the pieces of tile and majolica he uses have to be cut just right to fill the potholes and cracks.

The tiniest mistake can make a design unsuitable. Then, there is also the time it takes for his designs to dry! All in all, it seems like a long complicated process so we are so grateful that Ememem continues his work despite the many obstacles.

We have compiled here some of our favorites from his work but we urge you to look at his Instagram page to see more.

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