Fairview Microwave Introduces New Micro-Sized EM Switches Offering DC to 26 GHz Performance

Fairview Microwave Inc., an Infinite Electronics brand, has just debuted a new line of micro-sized, surface-mount, single-pole, double-throw, electromechanical relay switches with broadband performance that are ideal for a wide range of applications involving high-power, switch matrices and test and measurement systems. 

Fairview Microwave’s new series of SPDT electromechanical relay switches includes six models with popular latching actuators in micro-size surface-mount packages. These switches deliver impressive performance with very low insertion loss, high isolation and excellent repeatability. Model frequency bands cover DC to 8 GHz, DC to 18 GHz and DC to 26 GHz with 12 VDC and 24 VDC operating voltage options. 

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