IGBT-based power modules reduce noise and loss

Low-noise characteristics make Rohm’s BM6437x 600-V IGBT intelligent power modules (IPMs) well-suited for power conversion in inverters. The four-model lineup achieves class-leading performance by simultaneously minimizing both radiated noise and power loss. The low-loss IGBTs incorporated in these IPMs also reduce power consumption by 6% compared to Rohm’s conventional IPM products.

illustration of Rohm’s BM6437x 600-V IGBT intelligent power modules with applications in the background

Integrating an IGBT, high-side and low-side gate drivers, bootstrap diode, and flywheel diode into a single HSDIP25 package, the inverter modules decrease radiated noise by more than 6 dB at peak comparison over standard products. The BM64374S-VA, BM64375S-VA, BM64377S-VA, and BM64378S-VA 600-V IGBT IPMs have current ratings of 15, 20, 30, and 35 A, respectively.

According to the manufacturer, the BM6437x series improves the built-in temperature monitoring function, resulting in high ±2% accuracy (equivalent to 2°C). This allows designers to consider eliminating an external thermistor, not only reducing the number of external parts needed, but also application design load. The devices can be used in compact industrial equipment, such as small-capacity motors for robots, and home appliances, like air conditioners and washing machines.

The BM6437x series of 600-V IGBT IPMs are available through online distributors, including Digi-Key, Arrow, Mouser, and Farnell.

BM64374S-VA (15 A) product page

BM64375S-VA (20 A) product page

BM64377S-VA (30 A) product page

BM64378S-VA (35 A) product page

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