Download Naruto Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab

Get a new high-quality wallpaper from the Naruto anime or manga series each time you open a new tab in Chrome by installing this extension

As you may have guessed just by reading its name, Naruto Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab is a Chrome extension designed to provide you with a new eye-pleasing wallpaper with various characters from the Naruto manga or anime series each time you open a new tab.

Chrome extension that doesn’t only provide Naruto wallpapers, but a fair share of useful tools, as well

In fact, this extension is a bit more than just a simple tool designed to entertain Naruto fans. There’s also a comprehensive clock that allows you to also check the time and date, a weather indicator, a To-Do function, and a highly customizable countdown timer.

You’re also provided with a list of some of the most popular Google apps, and your most visited websites, as well as links to various interesting anime-related articles on In addition, you can also perform quick Google searches directly from the New Tab screen.

Take advantage of the bundled tools or disable all of them and enjoy the slick Naruto walls instead

Quite surprisingly, you’re also provided with a few useful customization options. Click the Options button from the upper left part of the tab’s screen and head over to the Settings section from where you can enable or disable most of the elements mentioned above.

Furthermore, there’s an option that allows you to hide all the new tab details after a 10 seconds period. You can also preview the wallpapers in slideshow mode (with the option to choose the interval as well) or to randomize them.

Animates your browser’s New Tab page with characters from one of the most popular anime of all time

All things considered, this is an extension that is sure to make Naruto fans happy while going about using Google Chrome to browse the Internet. Of course, the main highlight of this extension undoubtedly stems from the set of crisp, HD wallpapers it provides, however, the large variety of extra tools only make it that much better.

Last but not least, almost all the UI elements can be deactivated leaving you an unobstructed view over some of your favorite Naruto characters like Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Gaara, and Itachi, just to name a few.

The best part? It works flawlessly in offline mode, too. Which brings us to our final point: this is probably one of the bulkiest Chrome extensions out there, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your browser might feel a bit sluggish after you install it.

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