Google Photo unlimited free photos ends June 1 — what to do now

Google Photos’ free storage ride is coming to an end, as the company is making sweeping changes to its cloud storage policy, resulting in a tiered system that’s similar to Apple’s iCloud. Users will still get up to 15 GB for free that’s shared throughout their Google accounts. Come June 1, however, they won’t be able to partake in the unlimited storage option without paying a premium. 

Originally, Google gave users 15GB of storage for their Gmail, Google Drive, and Photos for free. Photos and videos that were saved at lower qualities — High or Express — were given unlimited space at no cost. This set up quickly became popular thanks to an easy-to-use UI and suite of family sharing and smart display features. But now that users have become hooked on Google Photos’ interface, the search company is telling users to either pay up, or move their photos elsewhere.

Google Cloud Storage Options 

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